(Deutsch) Wie drehe ich ein Video oder warum schlage ich meinen Kopf gegen die Wand?

Guys I really made it. I am officially done with the video shoot. Application Video_Picture

So, maybe I can help some of you who are in the process of shooting their own video.

First of all I made sure to think of everything I want in my video. So I wrote down every scene I would have to shoot. I’m sure all of you got a guideline from your agency with tips for what to put in the video.
They are very general I think so I will post the things I put into mine:

  • Intro (a nice and creative way to start the video – I’ve seen some videos where the girls just start talking and I think it can be very sudden to just start listening to someone talking)
  • Introduce yourself and give a quick summary of what is about to happen in your video
  • Show the future family who you are and what you like (Sure the childcare experience is a big part of the video but you’ve already talked about that in your DHL)
  • Talk about your strengths and give examples (don’t just say you are a person who loves to go outside – show them (-: )
  • Why do you want to become an au pair?
  • Always close the video with a nice summary and a sentence such as “I hope I’ll be hearing from you soon” – I mean you want them to, don’t you? (-:

After I wrote down what I wanted to show them I made a quick storyboard with sketches to make clear how I wanted the scenes to go down. It can really help having a plan. This way you won’t just shoot random takes and wonder afterwards why it doesn’t fit smoothly into the other takes.

You should also make notes on what to say. I know I did like a thousand repeatings because I wanted to improvise. Take notes! It’ll help you focus. Try to speak clearly so the families will understand you.

There are a bunch of movie makers out there. I prefer iMovie but that’s only because I have a Mac. You need to find a program that you feel comfortable with and understand quickly. But don’t get me wrong. The part where you put it all together will take as long as shooting the scenes – maybe longer.

And always check the standards of your agency on how big your video can be. I had to upload in on youtube so I could choose the size. Remember: The smaller the video the shorter the upload time.

At the end before you make your video choose a nice song for the background. It shouldn’t be too loud so the families won’t understand what you’re saying. And if you choose an english song, don’t forget the text! The families will understand the text so choose a song with children approved lyrics!

Have fun making your own video! It’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun – especially the scenes with the kids. I know my kids wanted to try different things and came up with ideas of their own. We had so much fun.

xoxo Ani


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  1. Laura Mammes
    %A %B %e%q, %Y    

    Hey, kannst du mir vllt den link von deinem video schicken? Ich wuerde es sehr gerne sehen, da ich auch gerade dabei bin mein Video zu drehen :)
    ganz liebe grüße,

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