To Do

Preparation in Germany


[x] Choose organization (iSt)
[x] Online application
[x] Receive application form
[x] Complete application form and send it to the organization
[x] Interview appointment (Saturday, 08/10/2013)
[x] Being officially accepted to the program (yeeeeeeeeah! 08/15/13)
[x] Extend passport (I will get it back on 09/03/2013)
[x] Copy your drivers license and passport
[x] Complete childcare experiences form
[x] Complete character references form
[x] Complete the collage – online, print
[x] Write the DHL
[x] Complete medical documents
[x] Request and receive criminal record certificate (Not that I had any records (- received 08/22/2013)
[x] Send complete application to the organization (Video is just a bonus)
[x] Shoot a video (Oh my Gosh.. I did it!!! 09/23/13)
[x] Activation (10/17/13)

Find the perfect family

[x] The first matches (10/25/13)
[x] Skype dates (10/28/13)
[x] Final match (12/08/13)
[x] Tell your organization
[x] Receive written confirmation from your agency

Prepare the journey

[x] Pay program (yeah – 650 € less)
[x] Complete visa documents
[x] Schedule visa appointment (and again – 120 € less)
[x] Visa appointment (approved!)
[x] Receive visa
[x] Check date of international drivers license
[x] Pass final exam of vocational training
[x] Receive flight schedule
[x] Buy host family gifts
[x] Some cash
[x] Packing list
[x] Pack my bags
[x] Farewell party

Keep calm and prepare your application

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